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Hope you like our new website, it was designed and made for us by FutureClient in Kingsbridge, if you're in the market.

Exciting times here at Challon's Combe, we're in the process of developing and testing a couple of new products, as well as expanding our processing area. In between times, normal farm life goes on... We've been making hay and silage, had several new calves born and are now getting ready to make our second round of silage and also hopefully pick up some straw soon. It's an amazing time of year, we have trees full of apples, blackberries everywhere and elderberries starting to ripen; sounds like a delicious crumble (just add Challon's Combe Organic Thick Cream!)

Stay tuned for regular news and stories of farm life!


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  • Eleanor Strang on

    Very excited to discover a source of organic, pasture fed dairy products, and reusable glass bottles as well! Pasture-fed ensures a healthier fatty acid profile in the milk – I’m sure you’re aware, higher levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3, and lower levels of omega-6, so not only are your cows happier and healthier, our health benefits too! I understand the limitations of cleaning all those glass bottles, hope you get the washing machine soon – and yes, happy to contribute to a crowdfunding scheme.

  • Tom Wilson on

    Hi. We regularly buy your milk from Jill’s kitchen in Bovey Tracey. Is there any chance that you might be using returnable glass bottles in the future ?

  • Mark Arnold on

    Hi Mary, we have met a couple of times.
    I have been buying your products regularly since you started. Originally at Kingsbridge farmers market and then since you started supplying Churchstow village stores.
    I’ve been meaning to drop you a line for a while or even drop in and see you but that’s probably not practical without your consent.
    One thing that has challenged me for many years is the use of “single use plastics” so originally I had thought of coming directly to you at the farm and collect a gallon or two in my own container for home freezing. If this is possible it would ease my conscience somewhat.
    However, in light of recent media coverage of the rapidly increasing global plastic problem I have to say that if you are, or ever, cosidering moving to reusable glass bottles I would wholeheartedly support you. Cost of your products is not a major issue for me as my ethics far outweigh those values. I buy as locally as possible and have not supported any of the major supermarkets since the mid 90’s.
    Finally I just wanted to say a big thank you for providing a great range of dairy products for many years and wish you success for the future.
    All the best
    Hatch Court

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