About us

Arthur and Audrey Read bought Challon's Combe when they got married in 1958. They had Ayreshire cows and a flock of laying hens. They reared their own pullets and kept one sow. They also sold cider apples from the orchard.

Since 1993 their Son ­in ­law Peter and daughter Mary have been running Challon's Combe. In 1999 we started to farm organically, and since 2001 Challon's Combe has been fully certified with Organic Farmers and Growers.

In 2005 we built a small processing dairy inside the old cow shed, and in 2006 produced our first yoghurt. With only our second batch we won a 'Taste of the West' silver award. In 2008 we started pasteurising and bottling milk to sell alongside our yoghurt.

We farm with our sons Andrew and Jonathan. 

In 2013, in response to many requests, we started to produce semi-­skimmed milk and cream using our traditional Alfa Laval separator.

Double cream has now been added to our product range from spring 2017.

From July 2017 we have started to produce skimmed milk.

We take great care to make our products as tasty and nutritious as we can, so we leave our yoghurt to incubate for a minimum of 24hrs, but usually longer.