Reusable glass bottles and washing them!

Well it's been a bit longer than I intended to leave it after the last blog post, apologies to the two people who commented and I didn't realise they had until now (from January last year!).

We have now got the reusable glass bottles well and truly up and running, with most of our stockists now selling the bottles on a deposit system. We have had a lot of positive feedback so far, although we realise there is still a small issue with the labelling of the date and whether it is whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk. We are working on that. In the meantime, if anyone has any helpful comments or suggestions regarding the glass bottles, please do let us know. 

We are pretty much at the limit of how many glass bottles we can wash and sterilise by hand now, so we won't be able to increase production much more until we can buy a machine to wash and sterilise the bottles. We are looking at possibly trying to crowdfund to help pay for this machine and would really appreciate all of your comments on whether or not this is something that you might be willing to contribute a little to?

Thank you all for our continued support so far

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  • Minni on

    Dear Challons Combe Folk

    I just want to compliment you and thank you for the HEALTHY, WONDERFUL and DELICIOUS yoghurt and milk you supply! its THE BEST :) :):)

    Warm regards Minni

  • Zoe Morton on

    SO good to see the glass bottles – qick question do I return them to the store I bought them from or to you?

    Keep up the good work and yes to a crowdfund would donate to that!


  • Brenda N on

    I love the glass bottles and I agree with Johnny about an explanation of how the system works. I live in Dartington and I know I can buy your milk at the garage there. However, I asked at Happy Apple if I bought milk from their shop could I purchase the milk minus the deposit (if I took the bottle back) at Dartington. They didn’t know so I didn’t buy the milk from them. Green Life said they don’t ask if the milk was bought from them when a bottle was returned so I bought the milk there. I’ll need to wait and see what take the shop at Dartington has! Otherwise, I support the glass bottles and would be happy to contribute to the purchase of a sterilizing machine if that’s what it takes to keep it going. ALL drinks taste better out of glass :)

  • Caroline Born on

    Hi Challon’s Coombe Farm,
    We both love your milk. My husband saw in our local grocer today your glass bottles. He was going to buy one, but then, as you know, Kingsbridge high street is steep, and the bottle a heavy addition to the shopping.. he didn’t. So, this is our suggestion which would mean you don.t need to buy a sterilising machine. If you install a large container of milk with a tap we would love to bring our own reusable pint size plastic bottles and fill them. As you may know, there is a shop in Totnes that sells nearly all its products loose with customers bring their own containers. I hope you take up this idea! Its a winner. You will be helping to reduce the use of both plastic and glass. Best regards, Caroline Born.

  • Johnny Morris on

    I think they’re great – just think it could do with a bit of promotion in the shop at st Anne’s chapel – because that’s where I go – and explanation how the system works.

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